Mirage is here. Mirage is about Beth, a woman who finds out she's dying of a brain tumor and decides to become a hero. Upon her first attempt, she realizes she has a super power. She can see herself getting hurt moments before it happens and then change the result! Along with her best friend, Kate, an undercover detective who is chasing a notorious crime boss on the rise, they work together to try and stop his criminal rise.

32 RED is HERE!

Starting this month, we are beginning our venture into 32 RED! 

As we said before, 32 RED is going to be our ambitious attempt at putting together content from not just one storyline, but many storylines of varying genres. Different writers. Different directors! And turning it around so you guys always have a place to go to see quality entertainment! 

Currently we are in production of our first serial that we hope to release this year. That will be announced tomorrow!

In the meantime, enjoy this fancy and awesome graphic drawn up by the talented Patrick Guditus!

32 RED is coming soon!

32 RED is our 32 episode season of ultimate internet roulette. You never know what you're going to get as you tune into every episodes. It could be a horror, a thriller, a farce, a drama or a comedy.

Already we are working on an unemployment satire in a world where prostitution is legal; a horror about a man who killed his brother but his brother just won't die; and an 8 episode female driven superhero drama. 

Check back soon for more about 32 RED in the coming months!